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Update 15 June 2020
During these challenging times that the whole world has been seriously affected by the COVID 19, we at Folia Apartments set health as a first priority so that you can relax and enjoy your holidays knowing that you are protected.
Why stay at Folia Apartments….
  • Fully-equipped self-catering apartments, with private entrances means that you limit your contact with other people.
  • All the apartments are professionally cleaned according to the guidelines issued by the Greek authorities.
  • Concierge services 24/7 and expert knowledge of the Island mean that everything can be pre-arranged as you are the only ones using the space, the apartments are ideal choice for families with children
  • The apartments are within walking distance of a pharmacy and a private health clinic.
  • Free cancelation policy up to 15 days before arrival.
Enhanced on site Covid-19 operation standards
At Folia Apartments we have adapted our operation considering the new safety
standards and hygiene protocols from the time that you arrive on the island.
Main measures and Procedures
Arrival - transfer to the apartments
  • Private transfers to and from the airport or port to Folia Apartments can be arranged upon request.
  • A rental car can pre booked and be waiting for you at your point of arrival.
Check in - Welcome
  • On line check available.
  • Using the appropriate equipment we will be welcoming our guests to our outdoor spaces, balcony or yard always keeping a safe distance.
  • A medical kit with antiseptic gel and disposable masks and gloves will be supplied
  • The temperature of each guest will be checked upon arrival.
Check out – Check in
Check out time will be at 11am and check in will be at 3pm in order to have additional
time for the thorough cleaning of the apartments.
  • Antiseptic, disposal masks and gloves will be made available at the apartment.
  • All unnecessary items such as books, leaflets, bathrobes, decorative pillows have been removed for your safety.
  • All apartment keys and remote controls are sterilized after check out and placed in disposable plastic covers.
  • The filters in the air-conditioning units have been sanitized and are regularly cleaned.
  • The linen is professionally cleaned off site according to the Greek health authorities’ standards..
  • The apartments are thoroughly cleaned by a professional cleaning company after every check out.
  • Entrance is prohibited to non-residents.
  • Daily cleaning is available on request.
Property manager training and awareness
  • The property manager has gone through intense training in order to follow the proper procedures for preventing the spread of the virus and take the necessary precautions.
  • The property manager is in charge of the implementation of the action plan concerning the precautions relative to the virus.
Medical support for our guests.
  • Cooperation with private doctor trained for Covid 19
  • Direct line of communication with Santorini General hospital
‘’ We are delighted to welcome you to Folia Apartments’